~A small girl drowning in a huge world.
~Recovering sh/ed
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Testing… testing…testing…

This is the rebel underground. We have audio but no video. Do you copy? I repeat. Do you copy? This is a pirate transmission from District… Standby for transmission… I repeat this is a pirate transmission from District Thirteen.

With a message. 

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Warning: I’m gonna whine about sex

I’m so crazily sex derived. Like it’s so bad that I’m having fucked up dreams CONSISTENTLY NIGHT AFTER NIGHT.

Like the other night I dreamt that I was sitting on my boyfriend and he was playing with my boobs. Nothing unusual, everything’s cool. But then I was crying because I didn’t want to have sex. RED FLAG: I’M SO DERIVED THAT SEX CRAZED ME DOESN’T WANT IT.

Last night I dreamt that we were chilling in his room and he whipped it out, a usually surefire sign that he’s in the mood and we’re gonna have some fun. But then he wouldn’t come near me and would only let me use my hands and was trying to guilt me into not wanting sex.

I’m just so damn frustrated.